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AIM is the OFFICIAL youth program of the Amateur Trapshooting Association.


AIM’s Focus: Members of AIM will enjoy the thrill of shooting registered competition on a level playing field as an individual and/or as a team. The purpose of AIM is to provide a safe and positive experience with firearms and registered trapshooting for youth, elementary school through college age. AIM encourages good sportsmanship and personal responsibility through competition while establishing the foundation to make trapshooting a lifelong avocation.

AIM was started in 2008!


National Governing Body: The Amateur Trapshooting Association (ATA) is the official governing body of the sport of Trapshooting. Founded in 1889, the ATA is the “faithful protector” of the sport of trapshooting and as such governs the sports’ rules and regulations. The ATA also seeks means to enhance the sport while stimulating growth and participation. The ATA provides trophies, financial assistance and event management to support state and provincial associations. In addition to the many services and perks the ATA offers to its members such as scores published in the Official Magazine of the ATA, Trap & Field, and online tracking of scores via shootata.com; the ATA hosts the largest shooting event of its kind, the Grand American World Trapshooting Championships. The ATA believes that their role as the National Governing Body of American Style Trapshooting instills an obligation to promote a premier program for the development and recognition of young trapshooting athletes everywhere.


Official Rules: ATA Rules will govern the AIM Program unless otherwise noted. It is the responsibility of coaches and participants alike to be familiar with all aspects of the ATA Rule Book. All teams are expected to be comprised of local shooters from the same club, school, organization, or group. A qualified coach or adult must be present while athletes are on the field during practice or competition. It is the responsibility of the coach to ensure that all applicable laws within their jurisdiction are complied with.


AIM Operations Handbook: All rules and regulations regarding AIM can be found in our AIM Operations Handbook. You can request a copy to be mailed to you by emailing aim@shootata.com.


Categories: Age categories for new members are based on your age the day you join the ATA. Age categories for renewing members are based on your age as of September 1st, of each year. Shooters who become eligible for new age based categories during the target year may elect to continue to compete in the previous category for the remainder of that target year. (For example, a shooter reaching age 18 may elect to continue to shoot as a Junior for the remainder of the current target year.) However, once a shooter has elected to move to the new category, that decision is irrevocable and he/she may not again declare eligibility for the previous category. ALL mid-year category changes must be submitted to the ATA office within 7 business days of the shooter's birthday by calling 618-449-2224 or emailing aim@shootata.com


Individual Classification: Classes are used in each age category for the Online Zone Championship and the AIM Grand National Singles & Doubles Championships. In the current target year, the target requirement to avoid minimum Class B for any age category will be 200 ATA Registered Singles targets prior to the Online Zone Championship and 400 ATA Registered Singles targets prior to the AIM Grand National Championship. In AIM Grand Championship Doubles, the target requirement to avoid minimum Class B for any age category will be 200 targets prior to the event. In AIM Grand Championship Handicap, the target requirement to avoid 21 yard line minimum penalty yardage for any category will be 300 ATA Registered Handicap targets prior to the event.


Team (squad) Classification: Any shooters may shoot on a squad composed of members of other categories. However the squad will be shooting in the highest category represented in the squad. (Example if a squad is comprised of 1 Pre-sub, 2 Sub-Juniors, and 2 Juniors, the squad will be competing in the Junior category) Moving up in age group is for Team purposes only and does not affect the individual’s category with AIM.


AIM Annual Teams: All AIM Annual Teams will be based on AIM membership and the total number of members in the category/zone/state. AIM All Stars are the highest level of shooting recognition, followed by All-Zone, then All-State.




Yearly scholarships will awarded to eligible members. Scholarships will be given out in Academics, Integrity and Marksmanship. Additional scholarships may also be available each year. Contact the ATA office for additional information on how to donate to the AIM Scholarship Fund.

Academic Scholarship Application
Integrity Scholarship Application
Marksmanship Scholarship Application
Trap & Field Journalism Scholarship Application
Trapshooting Hall of Fame Scholarship Application
Amerigo Pagliaroli Memorial Scholarship Application - Only apply if you live in the Eastern Zone
Robert L Burg Memorial Scholarship Application
Mike Jordan Memorial Scholarship

Applicants are encouraged to apply for more than 1 scholarship, however, they can only win one per year. All AIM scholarship funds will expire three (3) years from date of being awarded, unless proof of enrollment is received. 


Insurance Statement:  “AIM” has been added as an additional named insured on ATA’s policy and is afforded the same liability protection as is currently in effect for all of the other approved ATA entities and activities. For more information, please call Sportsman’s Insurance: (800) 925-7767


Special Awards: Special awards are available at the AIM Grand Championships for Teams/Squads representing several organizations. Please see the AIM Grand program for more details.


College Teams: Click Here for a list of colleges currently offering trapshooting programs

If you are interested in starting a team at your college, there are many resources available to you. Because each school's policies are different, a small amount of research will be required on your part. Below is a list of links that will get you started in the right direction.

NRA Collegiate
You can also contact Victoria Croft of NRA Collegiate and School programs at (703)-267-1473 or email collegiate@nrahq.org.

Association of College Unions International (ACUI)
For resources on how to start a club, news, and registration for events go to www.acui.org/claytargets

Collegiate Shooting Sports Initiative
Participation in target shooting sports is growing at colleges, and the launch of a new grant program by the National Shooting Sports Foundation will provide even more opportunities for student-athletes to hit their targets. Anyone interested in starting or strengthening a college shotgun club team can find resources and grant opportunities at www.nssf.org/college.



Why AIM?
AIM is a great way to get your child involved in the thrilling and unique lifetime sport of Trapshooting. It also is an excellent way for them to learn firearm safety from a certified coach. AIM instills values and a sense of community responsibility. AIM offers the experience of team competition on a level playing field.

What are the benefits of AIM?
Not only will your athlete enjoy the excitement of registered team competition, but they will also be eligible to be awarded scholarships! In addition, AIM participants all have the ability to participate in the AIM Grand Championships at the World Shooting and Recreational Complex.

Do I have to find a team for my child?
You do not have to find a team, awards are given to individuals as well as teams.

How do I find a team?
Contact your state director to find a coach and team near you. State directors can be found HERE.

What if there aren’t enough people to form a team?
Awards will be provided to individuals as well, so your athlete can compete as an individual. However, if your athlete would prefer to participate on a team, they are encouraged to invite friends to learn to shoot and participate as well.

What are the costs associated with Trapshooting and AIM?
The cost of trapshooting can vary as much as you want. Since equipment is not regulated, you have the ability to comparison shop for ammunition and equipment. Generally speaking ammunition is around $5 per box of 25 shells, Ear and Eye protection varies from a few dollars to hundreds, and shotguns vary greatly as well depending on whether it’s new or used.

Can we shoot AIM in conjunction with other youth trapshooting Programs?
Certainly! AIM’s emphasis is on registered ATA competition, and if you would like to participate in any other youth shooting programs you may. Teams can be participants in several programs.

How can my child own a firearm?
Laws vary from state/province to state/province. You can generally find information on your local gun laws by visiting your State Attorney General’s website or you can always contact you state’s AIM director.

Is trapshooting safe?
Trapshooting is one of the safest participation sports. As a matter of fact, it’s safer than soccer, football, and even baseball.

Can you rent equipment?
Equipment rental is dependent upon your local gun club.

Wouldn't a sport where athletes use firearms be the most dangerous?
The shooting sports are actually one the safest sports possible. To see information on firearm accidents please click here.